Welcome! I’m Holly Galinec, an aspiring psychologist. As I pursue this goal, I keep busy with photography, graphic design, and writing.


I’m currently studying at Brock University in the Psychology Program. I work part time doing graphic design, and I am also a Onsite Guest Service Supervisor for a photography company. Additionally, I am exercising my love of the arts by creating art and showing it to the world via my Society6 shop, Priroda.

My interest in this career path was sparked when I learned how uneducated the populous is regarding mental health, and therefore creating a damaging stigma towards those who struggle with mental health. I have learned that helping others brings me genuine joy, and so I have decided to become educated in this field so that I can help shatter this stigma and live a fulfilling life.

I have decided to use my journey to a PhD to explore my interests and focus on my personal growth. I am interested in trying new things and having many new experiences along the way.



The Monday Effect 

Happy Monday! The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of new experiences, adventures, and living life as the summer draws to a close. I traveled to California; a place I had always dreamed of visiting. There, I got to sample new foods and drinks, surf, and go on a ferris wheel whose carts swayed …

The Monday Effect

Happy Monday! Last week, I focused much of my time organizing my belongings. I put things in their proper places, and introduced containers into my space to make my things more tidy and accessible. By doing so, I eliminated a large amount of clutter. Once I had completed organizing, I noticed a change within me: …

The Monday Effect 

Happy Monday! Last week was my boyfriends birthday. He allowed me to surprise him with a day of doing whatever I wished to plan, and he would attend.  When I am given an opportunity to create without bounds, my mind goes wild. I think of many ideas, often times elaborate ones. The end result is …


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