The Monday Effect + an Exciting Announcement 

Happy Monday!

As mentioned last time, this past week I focused on relaxing and clearing my mind for this busy week ahead. While doing so, I was rewarded with a pleasant surprise and learned a useful lesson:

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.”

-Wayne Dyer

I have always believed that things work out in the end, but never considered it from this angle. 

You see, I had been yearning to use my creativity, both in a work environment and for a personal project. Unfortunately, my work did not require much creativity lately, and I wasn’t inspired for a personal project. Additionally, I was concerned about how I would afford my expenses when I start school again, as my current work will end in August and not resume until December. Thanks to this past week, I now see new opportunity, and no longer perceive this as an issue.

While relaxing, I watched a YouTube video where a website called Society6 was mentioned. Society6 is a website where artists from around the world can upload their work, and Society6 will create a variety of products, such as tapestries, mugs, and tote bags, with the work. Whenever an artists product is ordered, they receive a commission from the sale. 

I was inspired. I have a large collection of nature photos that I have taken but just not had an application for. Plus, since I have gotten into running, I have seen some beautiful sights; so splendid I couldn’t resist taking a photo. With that, I created an online store with Society6, entitled Priroda. The word priroda means nature in Croatian, so it ties together the photography I love and my heritage. I will be uploading regularly, so feel free to have a look if you’re curious to see more of my photography work than what I use on this site.

I also visited a local antique shop with my family, which is owned and run by an elderly gentleman. We struck up conversation, and after I mentioned what I am studying, he asked me if I would be interested in helping him with technology. I then informed him of my photography and graphic design skills, and in the end I received part time work assisting with his promotion of the store.

To top it off, I was having a conversation with my boss, and he mentioned how there is a demand for custom intro videos for the Magic Mirror (a photo booth like concept that we use, you can check it out on Facebook @MagicMirrorEvents). I already make these for the company I work for, but other owners of the Magic Mirror lack a graphic designer. Realizing this requires a skill I have, and would help fill the creative void I have, I took it on. Due to these three new opportunities, I am now confident that I can afford my expenses come September. 

And in case you’re curious: I found a personal creative project to do as well. I’ll be sure to include pictures once it is complete. The idea came through allowing my mind to wander and seeing opportunity. I’ll keep it under wraps for now though. 

You never know what life will give you. But whether it is good or bad all depends on how you look at it. Try to find positive opportunities, no matter how small, in even the darkest times, and you’ll get through. Find your rainbow in the storm clouds.

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