The Monday Effect 

Happy Monday!

I couldn’t pick just one quote to feature this week, so here they are. I feel they go hand in hand:
“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will”


“Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing, it’s about doing, being, and becoming”

-Mike Dooley

Everyone has goals and dreams of who they want to be and what they want their life to look like. However, sometimes the road to achieving these goals is a dark, winding road, and it can be very difficult to persevere. Last week taught me a lesson about believing in myself, and how I need to just try.

Last week, I had my road test which would allow me to drive on my own. I was very late in the game (compared to others my age) to take this test, and seeing everyone around me have this freedom made me crave it immensely. What made me wait this long? Fear. Anyone who had tried to teach me how to drive was very impatient, and this did not work with my anxiety at all. I grew to become very anxious at the thought of driving, and resented it. Thankfully, I was able to get an instructor who was extremely pleasant and patient with me. She would correct me in a kind, calm way, as opposed to the yelling I was used to. After a month of lessons with her, it was time to test my skills. I had learned a lot from her, and had become a good driver. But still, all my past failures at driving and my nerves made me wonder: could I ever pass this test? Although I was nervous, I realized that I wouldn’t pass if I convinced myself I couldn’t do it. I needed to acknowledge that I practiced a lot, and that yes, I might fail. But I could also pass. It’s been done countless times before: why couldn’t I do it? So last week, I drove that car and gave the test my all. Every turn and lane change I made, I reminded myself that I could do it. I needed to focus on my skills and apply them. In the end, I passed, and got my license. I believed it could happen, and went out and did it.

In that moment, I realized that this can apply to anything I want in life. I know I want to be a strong, independent woman who values herself. I want to be the woman who makes a difference, who has passions and hobbies she loves, who goes on adventures and lives life because she knows today might be her last. There are endless ways this could fail. But why couldn’t it become a reality? I’m determined to make the life I want for myself. That’s my reason why it will work.

I’m forcing myself to try new things, like running through bubbles or going down a 1000 ft slip and slide. I’m taking care of myself by having a daily routine, eating well, and exercising. I’m working hard to afford what I want, like flowers to brighten up my living space or scrapbooking materials so I can be creative while preserving memories. 

Whatever you want your life to look like, you can achieve it. Identify what you want, and then think of how to get there. Write it down. Then, you need to tell yourself that you’re smart enough and determined enough to get it. Lastly, take the plunge and do it. Like they say, if you believe you can then you’re already halfway there. If you want to be a runner, grab your shoes and just run. If you want to be apart of a community, join a local organization that supports a cause you support too. It will be scary and difficult, but it will be worth it. Have faith in your abilities. No need to rush, take it step by step. Find your tree, and start climbing to the top of your world. 

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