The Monday Effect 

Happy Monday!

As you may have noticed, I did not contribute to my “The Monday Effect” series last Monday. This is because I was not in a positive mental space, and needed to focus on resting. Additionally, I did not have a message that I felt needed to be stated, so were I to try and write a post, it would not be quality material. 

However, I believe everything happens for a reason, and the events of last week taught me a lesson that I wish to share today: the importance of self care, and I’ll also touch on inspiration. 

As a person who is still on the road to controlling their mental illness, it is important for me to discover exactly what limitations my illness puts on me, and to accept them. Eventually I will work on overcoming these limits (I already am working on overcoming small limits), but I must tackle this one step at a time. I need to accept that my illness makes me feel very powerful, frightening emotions, and that there will be days when it’s best to not fight it and allow myself to relax. All my life I have been at war with myself, and only now am I beginning to change that mindset. I’m learning to accept that I can’t do everything at once, and that I can’t always excel at something the first time I try it. 

Last week, I had days where I was in a lot of pain. I would have stomach aches and feel as though I burned from the inside. I would feel as though everything was surreal, and that I needed to cry nonstop. I could have held these emotions in and just continued about my day, suppressing them further and further into me. But I chose not to. Instead, I did what I could, but allowed myself to have lots of breaks that I knew my body needed. I let myself cry and breakdown, and I noticed I felt much better after. I talked to people about what I was feeling, and took their suggestions to improve my mood. I made myself happy, like browsing in my favourite store, spending a day with my boyfriend, and watching funny videos online. I also got out and exercised. All of these things are what helped me get through the week. I was, and still am, in a hard situation that I will be in for awhile to come. I know I need to fight back, and I certainly will. However, on my journey to winning the war I’m fighting, I need to take my time and take care of myself. I need to accept that I am in this situation, and so I can’t live as though I’m not. If I need to rest, I will rest. If I need to cry, I will cry. 

“We can’t just choose to be happy, but we can choose to be kind to ourselves when we’re sad. Pain passes more quickly when we don’t berate ourselves for feeling it.”

-Lori Deschene

I love the above quote. It inspires me to keep on track with how I want to treat myself, even when my mind is telling me otherwise.

I feel that inspiration is incredibly important, no matter what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you wish to be more organized, but you never remember to write in your planner. A solution would be to make writing in your planner a positive experience. For me, I do this by identifying the fact that when I plan things out, I feel much calmer. That way, if I ever don’t want to write in my planner, I remind myself that I will feel better when I do. Also, I make sure to buy myself stationary that I find visually pleasing, so that I will want to use it. This inspires me to plan everything I need to, and ultimately allows me to reach my goal of being organized. 

Whatever you are trying to achieve, be kind  to yourself along the way. Remember that everyone is different, so don’t be ashamed in doing what you need to in order to reach your goal. Take one step at a time, and reward yourself for putting in the effort. Look for people who have conquered what you hope to, and learn from them. Remind yourself why you began your journey, so when times get rough, you can keep going. Give yourself the sun emerging through the clouds, and you’ll bloom. 

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