The Monday Effect 

Happy Monday!

Last week was my boyfriends birthday. He allowed me to surprise him with a day of doing whatever I wished to plan, and he would attend. 

When I am given an opportunity to create without bounds, my mind goes wild. I think of many ideas, often times elaborate ones. The end result is something very extravagant, and it gives me immense joy to watch my creation unfold. 

My idea for the celebration involved a day of several activities all around my region. Since the day would be filled with travel, I decided to decorate the vehicle we would be taking. The night before my boyfriends birthday, my best friend and I got to work decorating, and in the process his mother came by and saw what we were up to. It was clear she felt that what we were doing was odd. Anyone I told my plan to expressed that they felt it was lavish and wondered how I would come up with another celebration of equal magnitude next year. Although I know no one was intending to be rude in their remarks, it made me realize something that I feel strongly about:

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.”


Although dreary to consider, what if next year I don’t have the ability to create a wonderful celebration for my boyfriend? Perhaps one of us will pass, or I may not have the funds to have an elaborate celebration. I do not know what the future will hold, therefore I should do what I can while I have the opportunity to. Even though my plans this year sparked opinions that were not fully supportive, I did not let them stop me. Why would I risk missing out on the experience, and it not being available next year? A wise person once said “it is better to die with memories, not dreams”, and I completely agree.
A possible rebuttal to my view is that you cannot always live every day like it’s your last, because then you will not have anything should you live another day. I understand this view, and feel it’s important to strike a balance of both living for today, but also preparing for tomorrow. Perhaps you live everyday to the maximum, but also make sure to save a percentage of your money for the future. However works for you is the best method, because you will be more likely to continue it. 

Enjoy the greenery surrounding you, just don’t stop moving forward. 

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